Global Governance of CDR: Carbon Accounting of Transboundary Projects

On the 10th of November 2022, at COP27 Bellona Europa hosted an event on Global Governance of CDR: carbon accounting of transboundary projects. Organized under the auspices of NEGEM Project and moderated by Mark Preston Aragonès, Policy Manager at Bellona Europa, this event looked to highlight the role of CDR in long-term climate targets and the transboundary challenges that arise from deploying them across countries.

📝Event highlights and recommendations from Samantha Eleanor Tanzer, CDR Research and Technology Manager at Bellona Europa:

To build a foundation to tackle transboundary accounting issues, several fundamental steps should be taken:
📌An international agreement on a robust definition of CDR

📌Methodologies to monitor and verify heterogenous CDR systems

📌Science-based frameworks to account for non-biological
removals and non-geological permanent storage

📌Explicit treatment of delayed extraction, storage permanence and reversal risk

📌Liability for international transport emissions

📌Explicit CDR targets that sit on top of emission reduction targets

Watch the video recording 🎥

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