First EU-Wide Voluntary Framework to Reliably Certify High-Quality Carbon Removals

On 11th Janaury 2022 the European Commission adopted a proposal for a first EU-wide voluntary framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon removals.
In the ambition of the Commission, the proposal will
 🚀 Accelerate the deployment of verifiable high-quality and trustworthy carbon removals
🌱 Enable industries, farmers and foresters to adopt effective carbon removal solutions
📊 Ensure the capacity to quantify, monitor and verify removals
💶 Stimulate a variety of results-based public and private financing options

How does NEGEM contribute to CDR deployment?
NEGEM is a research and innovation project to:

📌Identify promising Negative Emissions Technologies and Practices (NETPs) for Carbon Dioxide Removal, having significant real-world potential in terms of technological parameters, planetary boundaries, costs, social acceptance and feasibility.

📈Create scalable NETPs pathways
to contribute to climate neutrality as laid out in the Paris Agreement and in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Find the latest results 📝 and follow us for upcoming activities

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