2nd NEGEM Vision Workshop – Slides and Recording

The second NEGEM Vision workshop was held on 28 November 2023. Over 50 international stakeholders attended this online workshop to listen and to discuss the shaping of a Vision, for the realistic and responsible deployment potential of Negative Emission Technologies and Practices (NETPs), globally and in Europe.

The opening remarks were given by Christian Holzleitner, Head of Unit at the Commission for the LULUCF Regulation and the Certification Framework for Carbon Removals, who explained the upcoming milestones in the workplan of the European Commission, for fitting Carbon Dioxide Removals into the EU regulation.

Fabiola de Simone, Carbon Market Watch presented the status of NETPs in the current climate frameworks.

The NEGEM 1.5 Celsius degree mitigation scenarios and the NEGEM vision were presented and discussed. The aim is to set the ground for a clear, shared, medium-to-long term vision on responsible use of NETPs.

We thank all the participants for their contribution, your opinions and the feedback collected will be used to finalize the project’s final Vision that will be extensively presented in early 2024.

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