Upcoming Workshop: Responsible Negative Emissions Technologies and Practices – NEGEM’s Vision Towards Climate Neutrality

You are warmly welcome to the 2nd NEGEM vision workshop presenting and discussing the vision for realistic and responsible potentials for negative emission technologies and practices (NETPs) globally and in Europe.

In this online interactive workshop we will:

  1. Hear about the prevalent developments for carbon dioxide removals in the European Union
  2. Demonstrate the results of the NEGEM scenarios on realistic carbon removal potentials by NETPs globally and in Europe
  3. Present NEGEM’s vision for deployment of NETPs
  4. Discuss the implementation of NETPs in existing climate frameworks.

Date: 28 November 2023 at 14:00 CET

Participation is free of charge but registration is required. Please register to the event by 24 November via link below. We will send a link to attend and information material to registered participants some days before the event.


We are looking forward to an interactive and lively discussion with stakeholders and experts in carbon dioxide removal.

Programme and speakers

14:00 (CET)Welcoming wordsKati Koponen, NEGEM coordinator
14:05Carbon dioxide removals – current developments in EuropeChristian Holzleitner, EC DG Clima
14:20NEGEM scenarios on realistic potential for NETPs globally and in EuropeKati Koponen & Antti Lehtilä, VTT  
14:55Presentation of the NEGEM VisionTiina Koljonen, VTT
15:20Discussion on the NEGEM visionModerator: Kati Koponen
15:35Implementation gap: how NETPs fit existing climate frameworksFabiola de Simone, Carbon Market Watch
15:55Closing of the eventKati Koponen, NEGEM coordinator

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