Stockholm Exergi: One Step Closer to Full Scale CDR through BECCS

NEGEM partner, Stockholm Exergi, made shortlist for EU Innovation Fund (EIF). As one of the selected corporations that now can send in an extend application for funding, we are now one step closer to full scale CDR (carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere) through BECCS (bio energy carbon capture and storage) by 2025.

According to plan Stockholm Exergi will deliver 800 000 tonnes of negative emissions by commissioning capture on a bio combined heat and power plant (CHP). This has multiple benefits as energy recovery from the process reduces energy penalty for capture and liquefaction <2%. This is possible as the BECCS process from a CHP perspective is exothermic (CO2 at 40 celcius is captured and shipped at < -20 celcius). The energy recovery ismade  possible by the sector coupling enabled by integrating production of electric power and district heating. Another benefit is the use of residues from forestry such as slash which according to JRC is a win-win use of biomass.

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