The project


NEGEM – Quantifying and Deploying Responsible Negative Emissions in Climate Resilient Pathways

is a Research and Innovation Action funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, to assess the realistic potential of Negative Emission Technologies and Practices (NETPs) and their contribution to climate neutrality, as a supplementary strategy to emissions mitigation.

NEGEM approach


Going beyond the perspectives of climate physics and climate economics which currently provide the basis for climate scenario modelling, NEGEM will evaluate the real-word potential of deploying NETPs responsibly at scale.

Multi-disciplinary approach

The multi-disciplinary approach of NEGEM is based on crosscutting and integrated analyses of technical, environmental, social and economic aspects, to provide an informed assessment of the impact, acceptability and feasibility of NETPs, within planetary boundaries.

NETPs Deployment Pathways

The assessment will be used to outline concrete pathways, including NETPs deployment under specific conditions and with appropriate governance structures. This helps to draw a long-term vision supporting EU efforts for the Paris Agreement and in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The project is carried out by a consortium of 16 partners

from 11 countries, including 6 universities, 3 research and technology organizations, 2 non-governmental organizations and 5 companies.


1 June 2020


31 May 2024


€ 5 817 835

Related projects

NEGEM addresses the call LC-CLA-02-2019 of the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, together with two other projects, LANDMARC and OceanNETs.