Negative emission technologies and practices (NETPs) have a significant role in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 1.5°C and 2°C climate change mitigation scenarios, but what is the realistic potential for NETPs when taking into account environmental, social and political constraints?

In this deliverable the preliminary NEGEM vision is presented based on the 1st NEGEM vision workshop and a literature review, which will be used as a starting point for the scenario work in NEGEM, allowing to explore the analysis methods, data and aims of the scenarios.   

The initial vision will guide the work carried out by different WPs in NEGEM project is summarized as follows:

NEGEM should increase the holistic understanding of NETPs, including co-benefits and trade-offs and eventually enlarge the portfolio for NETPs. NEGEM will consider echno-economics and commercialisation pathways, environmental impacts, social aspects and risks in its analysis of “realistic potentials” of NETPs to reach the climate goals of Paris Agreement. NEGEM will make those accountable for decision-making beyond only looking into negative CO2 emission balance accounting.

The preliminary vision formulated above strongly builds on a promise of neutral scientific results that NEGEM as a research project delivers. This approach makes it possible to a significant extent meet the identified criteria for the vision: wide acceptability among stakeholders; inclusion of concrete, evidence-based information on the role of NETPs; environmental sustainability; instrumental for European policymaking; and significant contribution in European climate change mitigation efforts.

As described in the full deliverable, the vision will be updated throughout the project lifetime. The next updated vision will be presented in D8.7 and the final NEGEM medium-to-long-term vision will be documented in D8.3.

Policy relevant messages that were revealed as part of the vision workshop and the literature are as follows:

The full deliverable 8.2 can be found and read here.