Workshop Biomass-Based Technologies and Practices for Carbon Dioxide Removal

Biomass-based Technologies and Practices for Carbon Dioxide Removal

Monday 5 June 2023, 16.15-18.20 CEST, Bologna and Online

This event organized by NEGEM project as a side event of the EUBCE 2023, aims at bringing together climate and biomass scientists, modelers and experts, to discuss about the realistic potential of biomass-based negative emissions technologies and practices (BECCS, Biochar, SOC Sequestration) and their scalable deployment pathways to contribute to climate neutrality.

The event will provide an overview on the role of biomass-based NETPS in assessment scenarios at EU and global scale, as well as the preliminary results emerging from different modelling works and other activities developed within the NEGEM project, to assess both the potentials and the possible impacts of biomass-based NETPs, in terms of technological parameters, deployment within the planetary boundaries, carbon removal efficiency, interdependencies with the food system, and socio-economic aspects.

A final discussion will wrap up the views and feedback collected, to feed them into a general framework for scalable NETPs deployment pathways, and to ultimately build a vision informing the policy debate at EU and international level.

Access in-person to the event room is free of charge, but requires a registration with a free visitor pass to the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (click attend-in person below). The event will be also streamed online (click Join online below).


16.15 – Welcome and introduction

Quantifying and Deploying Responsible Negative Emissions – Views and preliminary results from NEGEM projectslides
Kati Koponen, VTT Finland

Potential of Biomass-based NETPS within planetary boundaries and opportunities for Land-Neutral Negative Emissions Through Biochar Sequestration – slides
Constanze Werner – Potsdam Institute for Climate Research

Developing a portfolio of Negative Emission Technologies for EU Member States in line with the Paris Agreement – slides
Nixon Sunny – Imperial College of London

Biochar potential to deliver negative emissions and improve soil quality in Europe
Francesco Cherubini – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Diving below zero GHG emissions: how the energy transition and industrial transformation can deliver on climate targets, circularity and sound economics – slides
Andre Faaji – TNO

The future of carbon removals: setting the right EU standards – slides
Ennio Prizzi – Bioenergy Europe

Moderated discussion

18.15 End

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